Grand Prix of Europe at Nürburgring on June 23rd 2002

 Driver's parade Juan Pablo is having a nap before the race... flags more flags The crowd on grandstand T8
 Two red cars in the Dunlop curve chasing they won! taking the shortest way from the Dunlop curve to the pit lane Michael forgot to pick me up!
 the new section the tricky corner, quite a drop from above to below! a closer view our dutch friends never give up hope... ...never!
 meters there must be some gravel traps here... behind bars Too comfortable, for my taste Webber's Minardi in Parc Fermé
 Parc Fermé Parc Fermé Damage on Sato's car from crash with Fisico Parc Fermé Parc Fermé
 Parc Fermé Trulli's workstation Trulli's front Michelin tire Jean Todt after the FIA meeting... The A3X - Vroom!
The rubber on the curbs sticks like glue!Wonder how they get the paint off the track againGreen!An original Eifel aborigineeParc FerméParc FerméParc Fermé

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